# European Projects

POTION Horizon 2020

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POTION is an EU funded project that aims to understand the nature of chemosignals in humans and their sphere of influence on social interaction.
The objective is to decode meaningful social interactions by combining new knowledge about the chemical composition of human social chemosignals with a novel olfactory-based technology to drive social behavior.
POTION aims to establish healthy social relationships through trust, leading to an overall improvement in wellbeing.
Web site: https://potionh2020.com/project/

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Kardia Tool Horizon 2020

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The aim of the KardiaTool project is to translate a laboratory proven concept of a saliva biosensor to the clinical practice for addressing the priority needs in personalized heart failure HF diagnostics and therapy monitoring at the point of care.
The KardiaTool platform:
kardia platform
Web site: http://www.kardiatool.eu/about/project-overview

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SWAN iCare
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SWAN-iCare aims at developing an integrated autonomous device for the monitoring and the personalized management of chronic wounds, mainly diabetic foot ulcers and venous leg ulcers.
imm swan
Web site: http://swan.exodussa.com/en/objectives.html

# Italian Projects

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The project, funded by INAIL (National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work), consists of the development of intelligent clothing sensors for the prevention and mitigation of workers' safety.
Web site: https://web.uniroma1.it/senseriscproject/progetto


# Tuscany Projects

banner eQ
The objective of the eQuality4Logistics project is the realization of an innovative service that allows the control of the transported goods and improvement of the quality, the logistics, transport of perishable, fragile and valuable goods. Goals to be achieved by the integration of new ICT solutions and RFID technologies.
Web site: https://equality4logistics.com