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Analytical Chemistry

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Analytical chemistry, sample treatments, instrumentation techniques, minimally invasive diagnostics, health and environmental monitoring.

Tommaso Lomonaco, male, received his Master’s degree in Chemistry and his PhD in Analytical Chemistry at the University of Pisa, before becoming Researcher at DCCI. His research activity aims at identifying chemical markers in body fluids (breath, sweat and saliva) by means of liquid and gas chromatography to develop innovative diagnostic and patient monitoring tools. He is member of the International Association of Breath Research and International Association of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Clinical Toxicology, and author of 32 papers on international peer-reviewed journals and indexed conference proceedings, in addition to more than 50 contributions to national and international congresses (h-index 14, total citations 334).

Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, University of Pisa, 2014
M.S., Chemistry, University of Pisa, 2010
B.S., Chemistry, University of Calabria, 2007

Research interests
The main research interests are development and validation of analytical approaches based on GC-MS and LC-MS with the aim to identificate potential biomarkers in easily accessible body fluids (breath, oral fluid, sweat, dried blood spot …) and their application into the clinical practice and everyday life. More recently, he got involved in projects concerning the impact of micro- and nano-plastics pollutants on human health and environment.